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    Unable to delete portal row?



      Unable to delete portal row?


           Hi all,

           I am having an issue trying to delete portal rows.  I deleted two related records but the portal rows just show as blanks instead of being deleted.  If I type in something in the blank rows, it just creates a new record in my related table. I don't know what I did wrong. How can I fix this issue?


           Vicky Yu


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               I can see from your screen shot, that you have a filtered portal to a table occurrence (a box in Manage | Database | Relationships ) named "OrderLineItemsByOrder"

               What is the Filter expression that you are using?

               And if you select each of the fields in this portal row in turn while in layout mode, and check to see what is shown in the Display Data From box in the Inspector, is the text to the left of the :: also "OrderLIneItemsByOrder" or are they from yet another table occurrence?

               And can you spell out, in precise detail, the exact steps you took to delete the portal row?

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                 Thank you! I had a couple of orphaned records in OrderLineItems. I deleted those and the portal rows deleted too. :) The records were being created because every field except quantity was from the table order.  I'm going to try to fix the relationships now.

                 Thanks again,