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Unable to enter new records V8.5

Question asked by RianvanWyk on Apr 21, 2011


Unable to enter new records V8.5



We have a new client who runs File Maker Pro v8.5 on a Server 2003 member server. Over the past weekend their local network was migrated to a new domain, and the File Maker Pro server has joined the new domain as a member server.

The issue that has since arisen is as follows: all users are still able to access and browse their databases as before, however the one and only user that had permission to enter new records and data is no longer able to do so. She logs on to the database by holding down the shift key, then selecting the relevant database and opening it. This prompts her to enter a username and password, after which the database opens without any problems. However the options to add new records or data are all greyed out, and the shortcut button for adding a new record does nothing.

I suspect that this issue might be permissions related, so we've given the user in question Full Control of both the Filemaker Program and Database folders, but this has made no difference. I've also had a look in the Filemaker Server console, but can't seem to find where users' permission can be amended for specific databases.

Any assistance with this matter would be much appreciated.