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    unable to go to field


      unable to go to field


           Hi have a few issues that relate to the same issue. What I want is on layout entry, for the user to be automatically prepared to type into a particular field without having to use the mouse to select it. I use the go to field script trigger on layout entry but it has no effect, I am using this script on a popover that contains a global field. And a customer search layout with the same global field. 

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               a field (not one in a popover) that is first in the layout's tab order should show the cursor without a need for scripting in many cases.

               But what you describe should work so you'll need to describe what you've tried to set up in more detail before we can have a chance at spotting what specific detail is keeping this from working for you.

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                 All I have done is set up a script on layout entry (scrip trigger) that goes to filed. - there is only one field on the layout (global, from a different table) but this script does not appear to do anything...

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                   That should work. Is there any script trigger set on that field that might interfere?

                   The easiest way to check for interfering script triggers is to enable the script debugger before changing layouts. You can then watch to see if any unexpected scripts pop up in the debugger when their triggers are tripped.

                   I once had a layout that had this issue in FileMaker 11 and after exhaustive tests, I concluded that the layout was damaged. Once I replaced the layout with a brand new, created from scratch copy, I had no further problem with the script putting the cursor where expected.

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                     Hmm. Interesting. I shall take a look at triggers as this could be a factor...From memory I dont think there are., so it maybe a case that i may have to redo layout... 

                     Will let you know...