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Unable to hide tool bar

Question asked by willrollo on Mar 7, 2014
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Unable to hide tool bar



     I have an "on first window" script trigger when my file is opened. I have edited this script right back to the basics to try and find out why the status tool bar is not being hidden. There are no other script triggers set up on the layout in question (that effect this). Nor is a layout automatically entered on file opening (except by my script trigger mentioned above)

     I have my own custom menus. The user (me) is set up in security with Full Access...I have tried using standard filemaker menus but this had no effect. 

     If I navigate from and back to the layout then the status tool bar does hide. (if I add the hide status tool bar script to the script trigger in manage layouts)

     The script I run on first window open is

     Go to layout (contactlist(Customers))

     Show/Hide Toolbars (Lock;Hide)

     Allow Formatting bar (off)

     When I open the file, the status tool bar does hide, but then appears again...

     Have no hair left to pull out...please help..



     Note - I have just found this might be a known bug (still....????!!!)