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unable to map url to connect to IWP database

Question asked by VincentYoung on Sep 11, 2012
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unable to map url to connect to IWP database


     I want to publish a database to the web. I believe I have permitted network access, permitted IWP for each DB, and the DB are open.  I am on Verizon Fios so port 80 is blocked (or so I have read several places on the internet {so it must be true;)}. So i have my verizon router, which I send to a netgear wireless router which is direct (not wireless) connected to the computer running FM. I understand IP addresses have 4 sets of numbers but for simplicity I am going to use a letter to signify the IP address for the various components to this problem. Verizon Router IP = A, Netgear Router IP = B, Computer IP = C, and the IWP URL IP = D. I am new to the port forwarding, and not quite sure of the correct syntax for writing a URL with all these IP addresses.

     I changed the DB port number to 591 in FM.

     I added a forward port 591 on verizon router to netgear router IP B

     I added a forward port 591 on netgear router to computer IP C

     I tried several different URLs on safari from my IPAD on connected to WIFI of same netgear router computer is connected to..

http://A/B/C/D:591 gave 404 not found error

     no http in front of these (trying to log into local host)

     B/C/D:591 spins network wheel but never connects and gives error cannot open page bc server stopped responding

     C/D:591 just spins network wheel at top but never connects same error

     My routers are always on so address is pretty static, I dont check all the time but it never changed during this exercise in futility.

     verizon IP is A

     netgear is

     computer is

     IWP URL is

     I tried many different permutations of these combinations and no luck.


     Thanks for any help