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Unable to open database from filemaker pro admin consol or from network client

Question asked by alan.surry on Jan 5, 2010
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Unable to open database from filemaker pro admin consol or from network client


We have just moved premises and have reconnected our PC's in pretty much the same way as at the old premises.  The problem we have is that we are unable to open the filemker pro (V8) database file from any of the client PC's.  The only database we can see is the sample database wich lives in the next sub-directory in the shared folder.  The network sharing is working fine and all client PC's can access the network share folders files on the server.  Similarly, users can browse to the database file and attempt to open it from there, but this returns a different error message. 


When we try to open the database from the filemaker admin consol on the server, it remains closed, although the sample file can be opened and closed normally.  Filemakersupport have said that this may be a firewall issue, though I fail to see how this can be when I'm working on the consol on the same machine! 


The only real change in the network is that we are now using a basic ADSL router & switch and have ditched a VPN router that we had at the old premises.  I'm wondering if the filemaker database is set to allow access only via the (missing) VPN router, perhaps via an I.P. adress range that doesn't exist anymore, though I fail to see why this would be neccesary for staff sitting a couple of feet away from the server.  If anyone can shed any light on the subject they will have been much more help than "Tech Support" from filemaker we have been able to offer so far. 


Thanking you in advance,  


Alan Surry