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Unable to Rename a Windows file with Send Event

Question asked by christopherc on Apr 14, 2015
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Unable to Rename a Windows file with Send Event


I am trying to rename a file using the Send Event script command with no success. I first tried using variables in the calculation.

Set Variable [$old; Value:"d:\Import.log"]

Set Variable [$new; value:"Export.log"]

For the Send Event Calculation I entered:

"cmd /c rename " & quote($old) & " " & quote($new)

When that didn't work I stripped it down to a basic command with no variables for testing. In the Send Event calculation box I entered:

"cmd /c rename d:\Import.log Export.log"

I could not get that to work either. 

If I open a Windows command prompt and enter "rename d:\Import.log Export.log" (without the quotes) it works fine. I've use the Send Event command to create folders successfully, but have had no luck with renaming files. Ultimately I would like to rename folders. Am I missing something obvious?