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Unable to resize a background - body part won't adjust

Question asked by hoib on Jun 21, 2015
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Unable to resize a background - body part won't adjust


I'm on FM 14 Pro Adv with Win 7...

I have a background of dark grey with layout objects on top.  In layout mode, I went and drew the curtain down a bit because I was going to try something.  Well, I didn't like it so I removed the new objects deciding to put them elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I tried drawing/dragging the curtain back up into its previous position.  It only budged so far and then stopped.  It's the body part as you can see in my screenshot.  Clicked and selected the Body Part button on the left.  It still won't budge off of 863 pt in Height.  Looked through Help, not much there that I can find.  And of course, the Inspector shows me the 863 pt but refuses to allow me to change it to a lower value.

I would love to bring this back to where it was before I messed with it.  How about a hint?