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Unable to return to the file after I share it via 'Mail'.

Question asked by pennym on Oct 12, 2014
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Unable to return to the file after I share it via 'Mail'.


Using FileMaker GO 13

On my iPad Air I begin by opening a GO file that contains a number of digitized documents (.pdf, .jpg, .pages files).

I open up a .pdf file and after viewing it, I choose to share it by sending it via email. The problem is that once I email the file I cannot get back from the email screen to my FileMaker GO file! I can’t get back to the screen I was on before I attempted to send the document via email. In other words, I cannot get out of the ‘Mail’ feature.  At the top of the ‘Mail’ screen (the one on which you enter ‘To:’ and ‘Cc/Bcc’ and ‘Subject’ and then the message), there is (in the upper left hand corner) the word ‘Cancel’. However, this button/link does not return you to the previous screen! You remain on the same screen. Repeated attempts to cancel bring no results. THE ONLY SOLUTION is (1) to hit my iPad ‘HOME’ button, go back to the screen that contains my FileMaker GO app; (2) delete FileMaker GO from my iPad, then (3) re-load FileMaker GO using iTunes and finally, (4) re-add my .fmp12 file to FileMaker GO under iTunes.