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Unable to save Page Attributes as default

Question asked by NikolasLondon on Nov 14, 2012


Unable to save Page Attributes as default


     Hello - thanks in advance for any guidance. 

     I am using FMP12 for an electronic medical record and am having issues printing. I need to print letters in portrait mode at 90% scale for the formatting to work correctly. For some reason the default for my Filemaker is landscape and 100%. I can temporarily change this to the correct settings under File>Page Setup, but I am not able to save the needed settings as default. There is a Page Attributes pull-down menu where I should be able to select "Save as Default," but this not selectable. 

     Any advice or ideas on what I am doing wrong?

     FYI, I am using FMP 12.0v2 on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.8.2. 

     Thanks again.