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    Unable to save PDF from Script



      Unable to save PDF from Script


           I have a script that creates a report, saves it as a PDF then attaches that to an email.  It has been working fine for over two years.  Recently I had to have my hardrive wripped and reinstall all my software.  Now when the script tries to save the PDF I get the error message attached. 

           Do I need to give FM permission to write to this folder?  How do I do that?  I never had to do anything special when I wrote the program.



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               Is there a folder named Temp Doc on your desktop? If not, you'll get this message.

               Also, is your user account name "mmccarty"? If not, even if it's one letter different, you'll get this error message.

               I recommend that your replace this expression with:

               "file:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "Temp Doc/" & <expression for file name goes here>

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                 I think that this file already exists in the "temp Doc" folder and FM is unable to write it over (may be it is in open state).

                 Check this first and if the file exists, cancel it, or try a different name.