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Unable to Send Filemaker Databases to iPhone

Question asked by kebnerlcf on Mar 16, 2013
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Unable to Send Filemaker Databases to iPhone & iPad as FM Go


     I have several Filemaker databases (vers 11 & 12) that have been ported to my iPhone and iPad using Filemaker Go.   I get them to the "i" devices by sending them through email as an attachment, and haven't had occasion to do that in a month or two.   I tried to send 2 of them this morning, and when I received the emails, I have a  winmail.dat  file, instead of the  xxxx.fp7 or  xxxx.fp.12  that I have always received before.   If I click on the file, I get 2 options ... Open in HP ePrint  or  Mail,  neither of which gets me the  .fp  file that I need to give to FM Go,  and I am thus unable to access the files on either device using Filemaker Go.

     The files were sent from my Win7 machine, using my Outlook 2007 client, through my Yahoo mail account.   I have not made any changes to the Windows or Office systems, and Filemaker has not been updated recently on either the PC or  "i"  devices.

     Anyone have any ideas as to what's going on? ? ?

     Kurt Binner