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Unable to show related data on same layout

Question asked by driesc on Jul 29, 2009
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Unable to show related data on same layout


I am working on a simple customer/contact DB for my business. This is supposed to be a starting point for building a more complex invoicing/stock control solution (but seems that I am very far from realizing that :).


A customer can have 4 types of addresses: Head-Office (HO), Invoicing (INV), Delivery address (DEL) and Showroom (SHW). There can be multiple showrooms per customer.


I have created three tables, Customer / Entity / Addresses, Entity being the join table. This allows me to have only one address entry for customers where e.g. the HO and INV address is the same and also to have no or multiple showroom addresses for each customer.


I want to make an overview layout for Customer, which shows generic info about this customer (contained in the Customer table), the HO, INV and DEL addresses (as info from related table through the join table) and the showroom addresses (in a Portal). And I fail miserably...


What happens is the layout always shows the same address for HO, INV and DEL, even if they are different. I would need to 'explain' to FM that in the head-office part of the layout, the HO address needs to be shown, in the INV part the INV address... but I do not see how to do this.


I am afraid I am missing something basic here, sorry if this is a silly question, but help (or a link to another thread treating the same problem) would be very appreciated.