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Unattended imports with FM7, 8, 9?

Question asked by rstone on Feb 18, 2009
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Unattended imports with FM7, 8, 9?


Our office just upgraded from FM6 to FM9.  I have a machine that I use to perform automated tasks using windows scheduler.  One thing it does is imports records from a database hosted on a server and processes records.  Files open with a script, import records, do some processing, then close themselves.  It's an unattended machine, and files are launched with the windows task scheduler.


With FM9 (and 7), I'm prompted for a username and password whenever I try to run an automated import, and I can't figure out a way around it.  I've tried creating an identical username and password to the admin account I'm downloading from on the processing file, but I'm still presented with the same dialog box when the script needs to import.  Even guest privileges allow read-only access, which would work fine, if I could get filemaker to choose that login.


 Is there a way around this?  Thanks.