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Underlining Text In A Value List

Question asked by PaulHeering on Jan 30, 2014
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Underlining Text In A Value List


     I am somewhat of a FileMaker Novice.  I am looking for some help with this question.


     I have set up a Value List (I typed the values in the use custom values section) that looks like this...

     A1 (Books)

     A2 (Pens)

     A3 (Pencils)

     and so on.


     I am having the user choose their top three (or two or one) choices from this much longer list.


     Their choices are then presented in a report and I use a calculation to report back what they choose (and to format the sentence based on whether they picked one, two or three favorites).

     My question is whether or not is is possible to underline specific text in the resulting formula.

     I would like it to look like this on the report.

     "User chose A1 Books and A3 Pencils"


     I can get this to work perfectly except for underlining the "A1" and "A3".  I can have the entire sentence appear underlined or the entire sentence appear not underlined but I cannot figure out how to only underline the A1 and A3


     Thanks for your help.