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Understanding how to resolve many-to-many conflict.

Question asked by JeremyWenrich on Oct 28, 2010
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Understanding how to resolve many-to-many conflict.


I've watched the 9+ hours of Essential Training for FileMaker Pro 11 and I feel that I grasped the tutorials well. Unfortunately I'm failing to fully understand how to resolve many-to-many relationships. The standard client, invoice and product data will need to be saved in my database. I've also created a line item table and connected the primary and foreign key fields between all the tables. I find this information repeated over and over on the internet and in the forums. I get how client data can be related to many invoices. What I do not get is how the relationships work between invoices, products and line items. All instructions I've found stop right before making sense out of this. Am I making too much of it? Does it work without me doing anything else?

I'd really like to have a solid understanding of this before proceeding lest I build this database incorrectly.

To give a little more details about the information I need to track, it breaks down into Clients, House Calls, Service Orders, Invoices, Products and Tasks. A client will potentially be associated with multiple invoices, service orders and house calls. I want to be able to add multiple products to House Call and Service Order records so that I can build quote reports for these records (i.e. I can quote a client a labor and product price total without building an invoice. Maybe this is inefficient though.). I'm a little unsure what to do with Tasks yet. I need to be able to reference any other major table, but copy and pasting record IDs may be fine. Once I understand the core issue I believe I can make a more informed decision regarding Tasks.