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    Understanding multiple Table occurrences



      Understanding multiple Table occurrences



           I'm having a bit of trouble with regards to table occurrences.

           First let me explain my table set up

           Its a small database of a homeowners club. It contains the following tables






           The "members" table contains all relevant member info such as name, adress etc, but also fields for "boardmembers" and the date they became a member and a calculation for when the are up for re-election.

           I kind of thought that the best way to deal with displaying boardmembers is to make a new table occurrence of the table "Members" and rename it "Board", but i'm stuck on whether this new table occurrence needs another primary key. The member table has as its primary key __memeberspk. When one makes a new table occurrence of a table that allready has a table occurrence do you need to have two primary keys?? Or have i completely misunderstood this?