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Understanding Relationships

Question asked by Axxiom01 on Apr 18, 2010
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Understanding Relationships




     I am in desperate need of some help in understanding how relationships are drawn properly in FileMakerPro 10. I have been getting training from a friend on database development using FileMakerPro10. We were 3 months into a practice project before my teacher finally understood that I was not comprehending how relationships we're formed and how to properly draw them in the relationships table. I will give a short example as to a very simple address database we were trying just to help me understand the very basics (unfortunately I'm just not grasping it). I started by creating 4 tables and naming them...Individuals/Households/Phones/Email. As a basic rule each table contained its own signature ID as a field followed by any other data I wanted displayed.

    [Individuals]     [Households]     [Phones]                 [Email]

    id_ind               id_hh                    id_pho                     id_ema


    name.last.       address1             phone.type             email.address

    D.O.B.               address2             phone.10digit

    name.prefix     street

    name.suffix      city





Knowing that to form or be able to draw a relationship from one table to another it must contain a "related" data field. So which ID fields belong in which tables and why? Do ALL tables need to have every signature ID in them to work properly? Why would phones need "id_ema" or vise versa. I'm not even sure that I'm trying to ask my question properly but if anyone could please help me to understand this basic fundamental of database programming or perhaps point me to some literature to help my comprehension (Where is database programming for Dummies when I need it) I would be eternally grateful. My teacher is becoming very frustrated that I am not grasping this and I don't want to let him down as he a great person and mentor to me,...and I'm beginning to feel very inadequate and that this may beyond my powers of reasoning. Thank you to anyone that can possibly shed some light on this for me. TY TY TY