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    Understanding Runtime



      Understanding Runtime


      Could someone point me in the right direction for understanding runtimes. I have read the filemaker help section regurading runtimes but I need something a little more dumbed down that can walk me through the process and explain everything.

      As an example I have used the developer utillity to create a runtime. When it is done I find that I have a folder containing many files such as .dll along with the runtime file with a .usr extension. My first question is, now what? What do I do with it. I tried double clicking the .usr file and it wants me to select a file to open it with.

      So I am looking for a little more in depth documentation about what a runtime is, how it works and what to do with it.



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          Are you setting this up on Mac or Windows?

          The folder represents all the files that need to be copied/installed on another machine that doesn't have FileMaker installed on it.

          If you've created a runtime of all the files that make up your solution, then double-clicking the .USR file should launch fileMaker runtime and your database should open automatically. If it's asking you for a file to open, perhaps there's a reference in your runtime file to another file you did not "bind" into your runtime and it thus cannot find the file to open it.

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            It's on Windows. The database is made up of only one file. There are referrences to stylesheets used for export. Would these need to be selected in the process as well?

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              Even if they did, (I don't think they do), you wouldn't be asked to open them just because you attempted to open the .usr file. I'd check Manage | External Datasources... just to be sure you don't have an external file reference you don't know about. If it's empty, check any script's you have set to run when the file opens to see if there's any possible cause there.

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                I checked external data sources and it lists the copy of the file I use in a script to import all records as part of the process I use to update the database from my development version. Could this be the problem?

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                  Hard to tell for sure from here, but it's certainly possible. If the external data source reference isn't needed in your distribution copy, you can delete this reference prior to binding the runtime files. If it is needed, you can bind a copy (even an empty clone) along with the other file.

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                    It worked. Thanks Phil :)