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    unexpected results importing a summary field



      unexpected results importing a summary field



      I am seeing the same data in an imported summary field record even after changing the originating tables data.

      Any ideas?


      FileA has a tbl1 with a max summary field called MaxField1

      FileB has  scriptB which imports records from FileA tbl1 including MaxField1 into a global field in FileB tbl1

      When I change the data of tbl1 in a found result, the MaxField1 changes on screen as necessary.

      However, if I then import the records - its not changed in the global field of FileB tble1

      Hope I am clear.

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          Importing a "summary field"? Why do you do that? Is this a total of all the records in the found set at the time of import being imported into a field of type number? Is it supposed to be a sub total?

          Then you mention a global field in FileB table1. What does that have to do with your imported summary field?

          If you are importing data from one table to another, that physically copies the data so you would not expect changes made after the import in the original table to have any effect on data imported before the change was made, so I think there's some details that are missing from your first post here.

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            fileFood tblFruit has fields called fruit, color, qty &  maxqty (which is a max summary field of qty)

            fileStuff tblRed has a field called maxqty (which is a global field - same val for all records)

            I want to import all the mac apples into my tblRed and I want to know what the biggest box I'll need for each kind.

            I want to have all the same box sizes, so I thought i would ido a find in tblRed for mac apples, then import the maxqty,

            then go get a bunch of that size boxes.

            Maybe I should do the maxsummary in my tblRed table (even though its already in the other table) then calc maxQty after I import

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              Simplest is to define a summary field in tblRed.

              If you have a relationship that links the data in the two tables, you can also just refer to the summary field in tblFruit or define a calculation field that computes the Max of the related Fruit records.

              But I don't see why you need to import into a separate table just to figure out a box size. You can just perform a find for Mac apples in the fruit table and the summary field in it will tell you the same thing that you are using tblRed to determine.

              I assume these are imaginary tables. The danger to using imaginary setups like this is that they can imply details that do not match the actual tables and data you are working with.

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                yup - imaginary tables - if I told you what I am selling I'd have to ki il you ...no just kidding. thanks for the help.