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    Unified Login?



      Unified Login?


           Our office uses FM Server Advanced 12 along with FileMaker 12 to manage and access databases.  Some people have access to all databases, some just a few.

           Is there a way to manage a user's access via one command portal or script?  Currently, I have to go to every database to assign/unassign access.  This isn't a big deal, but wouldn't it be nice to have some type of control in FM Server tha allows the administrator to manage access through a panel that lists all databases, and users/permissions, etc.

           Is there something like this out there?

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               This can be scripted. There are script steps that can create or change accounts so you can set up a screen where the user who is managing accounts can enter the account info into some fields--you might create and maintain an accounts table or you might just use some global fields and then they click a button that runs a script set to "Run with full access permissions" that makes matching changes to the accounts of each file to keep them all in synch. This script does that by performing scripts in each of the other files in order for them to update that file's security accounts. The account name, password and privilegeset name can be passed to each of those scripts as a script parameter.