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    Uninstalling from Windows to MAC



      Uninstalling from Windows to MAC


      I just changed from Windows to MAC, can I uninstall my Windows FM 11 and then install the MAC version and use my serial number or is that not allowed?? To create solutions on both platforms I think I am going to try to uninstall from my windows to my MAC Parrellel on the Windows side and then purchase another Advanced copy for my MAC to design solutions in both platforms

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          You don't need to buy a second version. Your license agreement allows you to use your license key on two machines. One limitation is that you won't be able to connect to a shared database with both machines at the same time.

          You will need a separate installer for the Mac, which you can from the original download link if you've purchased it recently (30 or 90 days I think before the link expires). Otherwise, you'll need to contact Filemaker for a new link, or, if you're using Filemaker Pro, not Advanced, download the trial version and perform a minor hack.


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            Wow I wish I knew that. I just upgraded my Advanced, so I have two MACs running Parrellel on bot. So I will use the extra license for one machine for both Windows and MAC and then I will buy another for my other computer. Thank you for the advice you just saved me about 500 bucks.