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Uninterrupted column borders on reports

Question asked by LuisGuerreiro on Nov 9, 2011
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Uninterrupted column borders on reports


Hi everyone!

I am fairly new to Filemaker, but so far I have found it really easy to program and have managed to accomplish nearly all I have set out to do until now.

I am generating a report containing automatically resizeable fields (sliding fields) and I am having a problem to include a variable length column border for the different columns, causing the overall report to appear in preview with broken borders (or sometimes no border when the fields are empty) because the border only appears in the minimum height that the 'sliding' option sets it to (for each individual field).

The report worked fine without the sliding option activated.

In essence, what I am looking for is for all the fields in one line of the report to be automatically formatted with the height of field requiring the most number of rows depending on its content.

I am attaching a print screen of how the report looks like at the moment.

Thank you in advance for any help!