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    unique field not recognized?



      unique field not recognized?


      I have a field in my data base that requires the user to enter a unique value, but it sees "GATCGGATCCGCCGCCACCATGgcccccccgaccgatgtcagcct"  and
      "GATCGGATCCGCCGCCACCATGgagttccgcgatgccctggaggatcgc" as the same.  Is this a bug or is there anything I can do about it?  Is there a way to increase the stringency of "unique"? This is a database of dna sequences used in academic/ non-commercial research and I as using filemaker pro 6.0 v4 on a Mac.


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          Tested with a new FMP5.5 database.

          Seemed to work up till 19 characters. 

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            Thank you for your post.


            I believe the unique value was limited to the first 20 characters in version 6.  In version 10, the limit is the first 110 characters, and just to be sure, I tested your example of 45 characters, and it works.



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                 Thanks! I guess I'll have to get the new version.  I have to say though that "unique" should mean "unique" and I can imagine it being useful to have the limit be several thousand characters rather than 110.  Having said that, I have to admit that I have no idea how hard this would be to achieve from a programming point of view.
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                Just to clarify a detail (I was caught out by the 19(?)-character limit 15 years ago and haven't forgotten.  Nor forgiven, some would say.): Filemaker will index and check for uniqueness the first 110 characters of any one 'word'.  From my experience it will see the entire transcription of 'War & Peace' in one field, in one record, as different from a duplicated transcription in another record, but with the final letter missing.


                If this is not the case I will stand corrected, of course, TSGal.