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unique fields under unique tabs, many to one relationship

Question asked by Jennifer on Nov 25, 2008
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unique fields under unique tabs, many to one relationship


I have created two databases. One contains part numbers, the other is the purchase order which draws information (such as description) from the part number database based on the part number which is the matching relationship field. Can I create a many-to-one relationship? Say I have 3 tab location catagories in the part number database and each location has a subcatagory tab of types of parts, so there is Ohio Paper part number, Ohio general Office Part number, Georgia paper part number, Georgia General office part number. When i enter a part number into the purchase order I want it to try and draw from many of these fields to fill in the description. I used to just have one part number field with one relationship but I need to be able to view fields catagorically. Also, I have always used 'field repetitions' in the purchase order for a line by line item order field, however,only the first line item exports to excel.   How can i make sure everything found exports?

Thank you.