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    Unique Identifier



      Unique Identifier


      Hello all, 


      I am trying to commit ID numbers to multiple students on one record. I could have up to eight students on one record. I need help finding a way I can give them a unique ID number, for instance like a social security number where each one has their own.  But if one record only has two students I don't want unique ID's to be assigned to the remainder of the student fields because they do not exist.  Can someone answer this question??


      Thank you

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          What is it you are trying to do that you have 8 students on one record?


          Typically, you are going to want each student to have their own record...which would solve your Unique Identifier problem.  Then if you are doing something like assigning them to Classes (in their own table)...you need a 3rd table to store the StudentID and the ClassID.  That way multiple students can be assigned to multiple classes.

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            Thank you for your response let me see if I can explain better.....


            My database is to create a record for a family. some of them have one child(student) and some of them have up to 6 or 7 children. I want to be able to track each child separately if need be, but still have them on one record. Is there away I can do that without creating a new record for each child?

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              You can do it.  It is typically not the best way.  Especially if you are eventually looking at creating reports and tracking individual actions and such.


              Ideally, you would have 2 tables.  A Family table and a Students table.  In the Students record you have a field (aka a foreign field) that would hold the id of the "Family" they belong to.  Then on the Family record you can use a portal to show all the Family Members/Students.

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                Thanks for quick response. :smileyhappy:

                I'm going to try that and i will let you know how it works for me.