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Unique Job Number Based on Date

Question asked by JamesKnecht on Apr 26, 2014
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Unique Job Number Based on Date


     Having trouble getting this to work.  I read some threads here, but they are fairly old.   Our dBase system generates a job number, during order entry, which is a unique 11 digit dumber based upon year, month, day + a 3 digit number.  First number of the day would be 20140426001.  The 3 digit number resets every day.  At worst case, I can use a simple auto entry serial number, set to be unique & not empty, but we are used to our numbers telling us when the job was entered.


     Any help would be appreciated & this will operate in a multi-user environment.  Please phrase your comments like you were talking to a child.  I am very new to Filemaker, but thanks to some help here, I have finished the customer file... and it is kick ass!