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    Unique matching of records and string searches with Word documents in container fields



      Unique matching of records and string searches with Word documents in container fields


      Hi all,


      Version: Filemaker Pro 10

      System: Windows Vista

      Level: novice 

      Users: Database shared over internal network by less than 10 users 


      Data: existing Word Documents added in container fields, one container per record


      Goal: unique matches between records and contents of editable Word documents in container fields



      This project is going to be a part of a research project, my goal is to build a language database from existing word documents, containing translations of words from various languages to English. The text in the documents all have the same format, for example 'mädchen (= girl' or 'samaki (= fish'. The Word documents include languages such as German, Somali, Swahili, Arabic, French and Kurdish. All words in the documents have the same format as above, y italicized word, followed by left bracket and an equals symbol, namely: word (= translation




      Language variety 


      Registration number

      Container with editable Word document 



      A string search from string: 'word (= translation' which gives output of all unique translations of a word in a specified language.



      I want to search a single english word for a specified language. For example, if I search for the translation of the word "girl" in Somali varieties, I want the output to be:



      Registration number:              Word:                Language variety:

      12345                                 geber (= girl        South Somali

      22315                                 gabar (= girl        Central Somali

      44332                                 gabadh (= girl      North Somali



      I would think the actual database is pretty straight forward concerning the fields involved. I am guessing designing a script in combination with a plugin such as Super Container would be an appropriate solution. I am a total novice to FMP so I would be very grateful for any help with this project.


      Thank you