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Unique matching of records and string searches with Word documents in container fields

Question asked by Lingua on Dec 3, 2009


Unique matching of records and string searches with Word documents in container fields


Hi all,


Version: Filemaker Pro 10

System: Windows Vista

Level: novice 

Users: Database shared over internal network by less than 10 users 


Data: existing Word Documents added in container fields, one container per record


Goal: unique matches between records and contents of editable Word documents in container fields



This project is going to be a part of a research project, my goal is to build a language database from existing word documents, containing translations of words from various languages to English. The text in the documents all have the same format, for example 'mädchen (= girl' or 'samaki (= fish'. The Word documents include languages such as German, Somali, Swahili, Arabic, French and Kurdish. All words in the documents have the same format as above, y italicized word, followed by left bracket and an equals symbol, namely: word (= translation




Language variety 


Registration number

Container with editable Word document 



A string search from string: 'word (= translation' which gives output of all unique translations of a word in a specified language.



I want to search a single english word for a specified language. For example, if I search for the translation of the word "girl" in Somali varieties, I want the output to be:



Registration number:              Word:                Language variety:

12345                                 geber (= girl        South Somali

22315                                 gabar (= girl        Central Somali

44332                                 gabadh (= girl      North Somali



I would think the actual database is pretty straight forward concerning the fields involved. I am guessing designing a script in combination with a plugin such as Super Container would be an appropriate solution. I am a total novice to FMP so I would be very grateful for any help with this project.


Thank you