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    unique member number



      unique member number


           Hi - Bumper especially,

           You sent me great advice on how to create a unique number for each member.  I did it with a found set (which eliminated dups).  Now my problem is I want to duplicate a record because "mary smith" donated again.  so I hit duplicate record and a new ID number (in sequence +1) pops into ID field.  I want her name to be unique so I can tell how many individual members we have, tho they may have donated three x's.   Suggestion?   So we have present members donating again and we are adding new members.


           Thank you for input.


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               Sounds like you need a related table 'Donations' with a one to many relationship back to your members (one member, many donations)

               Set up a new table, with (at least) the following fields:

               fkID - this will be your link field to Members ID

               then in Manage | Database | Relationships set up a relationship such that Members::ID = Donations::fkID, allow creation of new records on the Donations table side

               On your Members layout, you can now add a portal to Donations, and add Donations as they pour in...