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Unique Record Count In a Sub Summary Report

Question asked by PhilCornish on Mar 14, 2013
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Unique Record Count In a Sub Summary Report


     I have a sub summary report that shows separate subtotals by donors in certain zip codes.  I need it to also count the number of unique donors in each sub set.  Each donor has a serial number, and I need it to only count a serial number once even if they have multiple instances of giving during the time period.

     I tried creating a field with a Count calculation based on the serial field but it just returns 1...i.e. it does not work.

     On the included screen shot I would want the Count, indicated with an arrow, to be 8 for this zip code.  In this example there is no donor with more than one instance of a donation, but if there were, I would need it to only count that serial as one donor, not 2 instances of giving.

     Fingers crossed that someone can help and that I am smart enough to grasp any suggested fixes.  I am about average skill in FMPro.  Hope this makes sense.