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Unique records

Question asked by Cadburys on Dec 2, 2013
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Unique records



     I know that there are similar posts ...but I dont get them. I am very very new to FM and am struggling to get my head around the issue I am having.

     I have a db that contains a table called wodata.  Wodata is populated via an import script which references a .csv file.  The data is very repetitive in that there could be 15 rows of information where the first 5 fields contain the exact same data. eg.

                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     10
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     12
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     14
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     16
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     18
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     20
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     22
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     24
                    4                     WW1303-11.btw                     HK00003223W                     8414074                     WW1303/11                     8

     What I would like to do is get the first five columns to go into one table...BUT to only show the first occurrence... effectively creating a parent table for the repetitive info.

     I would still like the original import to take place as this would then be the child table.

     Does this make sense? Can anyone help me/guide me with really simple step by step instructions if this is even possible?

     Thank you in advance...