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Unique Records

Question asked by jwshelton22 on Dec 16, 2014
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Unique Records


I have thousands of records for hundreds of Users. A found set of records may have the same user name and login name, but a different workforce. The workforce is the difference.

Some records have the login and other data brought in via an import, other records have the data entered via a calculation. The field data entered by the calculation is not being recognized as the same. Example:

C237 is read differently than C237. If I use a replace contents the data is all viewed as the same and the calculation below works. What is wrong?

I created a field named "flag_Unique" with the calculation:

Let ( x = GetNthRecord (Login Copy ; Get(RecordNumber) - 1 ) ;

If (Login Copy <> x ; 1 ; "" )

)   //   end let