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    Unique serial number



      Unique serial number




      I am new to this forum and Filemaker so bear with my ignorance. Only started working with Filemaker last Friday!!

      I have created a table with fields and a layout. I addded a field to generate a unique serial number which was fine and it increments with each new record. The problem is, when I delete a record and lets say that record was serial number "2" as the next record would naturally be serial number "3" if I then create a new record it skips serial number "3" and adds "4". Am I doing something something wrong or is that just the way it works.

      Maybe it doesn't matter as I presume everything still has a unique serial number.

      ALSO!! Is there a way that after I have entered my data on my Layout to set the fields to clear as it's very easy to overwrite the data you have just entered?

      I know I should be trying to figure this out, I have tried, as I am only new to it but boss has thrown me in at the deep end and under pressure.

      thanks in advance for any help. 



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          With regard to the serial numbers, it really doesn't matter to the program if there are numbers missing between records in the database. What is important is that the remaining numbers be unique and cannot be changed. The ID field is there to, not matter what else is going on the the data fields, to be the one constant unique field for that identifying the record. That said there are certain business rules that require that the serial numbers be sequential or that deleted records are accounted for, so that is between you and your boss. 

          If I read your question correctly, you don't really clear the records, rather you create a new record with blank fields. There have been a number of threads on this forum in the past few days on record locking. This is a technique to set a field in the record that, based on the privilege set of the user, won't allow the data to be changed. Search for "record locking". This sounds a bit complicated, but it is a good way to learn about FileMaker's Security management options.

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            And you can look up more info in FileMaker help as well on this subject: See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis".