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Unique serial number

Question asked by PeterO'Toole1697 on Feb 1, 2012
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Unique serial number




I am new to this forum and Filemaker so bear with my ignorance. Only started working with Filemaker last Friday!!

I have created a table with fields and a layout. I addded a field to generate a unique serial number which was fine and it increments with each new record. The problem is, when I delete a record and lets say that record was serial number "2" as the next record would naturally be serial number "3" if I then create a new record it skips serial number "3" and adds "4". Am I doing something something wrong or is that just the way it works.

Maybe it doesn't matter as I presume everything still has a unique serial number.

ALSO!! Is there a way that after I have entered my data on my Layout to set the fields to clear as it's very easy to overwrite the data you have just entered?

I know I should be trying to figure this out, I have tried, as I am only new to it but boss has thrown me in at the deep end and under pressure.

thanks in advance for any help.