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Unique Serial Number including data from same record.

Question asked by tkmstudio on Aug 21, 2015
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Unique Serial Number including data from same record.



I've deleted a similar post because I've scaled back my ambitions.  I  had wanted to generate a serial number that looked like this  TKM1996-001  ,  TKM1996-002  etc.  TKM2003-001  ,  TKM2003-002  etc.          re-incrementing the number for each year seems to be a straightforward matter of logic, but I was told it is very complicated to script. ?  So perhaps  TKM1996-001  ,  TKM1996-002 ,  TKM2003-004,  TKM2015-005,  TKM1999-006, etc  is going to be the best I can manage.   

I've tried a few things now using calculated fields, set fields and self-relationships, but I'm not getting the results I want.  at this point, I'm confused as to whether the field is even supposed to a TEXT, a NUMBER, or a CALCULATION should I be auto-entering in the field, or just limiting what's allowed through validation. I'm totally f&*ing confused now.   

here is an overview of what I've got going on.


As I am entering artworks (new records) into my database Art TitleArt Year are first up in the tab order. Somewhat later comes the field Art Inventory Number TKM  

I want my ID/serial number to include the letters  TKM  followed by the "Art Year" (limited to 4 digits because sometimes Art Year might be entered as something like 1999-2003) . Art Year should be (copied or looked up) from within the same record. Followed by a unique serial number 

Each work should end up with a permanent ID number-It can't change once it is written and labels are put on crates and artworks.


Can someone please explain how I can do this?      


p.s   The one thing in particular that has me going in circles is how to restrict copying data/lookup/whatever  to the same record.   perhaps once I have the unique ID number, I will be able to set relationships to other tables, or other fields within a record based on the unique ID number.  chicken/egg.