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Unique Values List in Report

Question asked by iMagicBry on Aug 1, 2013
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Unique Values List in Report


     Ok so I'm brand new to FileMaker and desperately trying to figure out how to do this.  Here's the scenario:

     I have a Customers table containing the following fields with some example data:

                    Customer_Name                     Sales_Rep                     Ad_Source                     Vehicle
                    John Smith                     Andy Johnson                     Newspaper                     Mustang
                    Brian Jones                     Mark Smith                     Television                     Explorer
                    Nancy Russell                     Ted Stevens                     Newspaper                     Corvette
                    Stan Adams                     Mark Smith                     Radio                     Mini Cooper

     I've created a layout report sorted by Sales_Rep so I can use summary fields to talley the total number of customers assigned to each Sales Rep.

     In addition, I need to be able to display in the Trailing Grand Summary part of the report a list of unique data contained in the Ad_Source field; which in this example would be just Newpaper, Television and Radio.

     I simply cannot figure out a way to do this.  Anyone that can assist the guidance would be much appreciated.