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Unique values problem . . .

Question asked by JiminLowville on Feb 14, 2011
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Unique values problem . . .


I apologize but this problem is hard to describe.  Hopefully somebody can understand what I am trying to do and help me!

I have a database set up to track concessions at a county fair.  One table is concession information and another table is information about that concession booth (location, price, amount paid, etc.) for each year they have a booth.  I have a diagram of one of the buildings with all the booths numbered.  One of the fields in the Yearly Detail Table is booth number they are renting.  I do not want to rent the same booth twice so I have the pavilion number as being unique.  The problem is that how do I differentiate years?  Say for example one concession person has rented booth 67 in 2010 and then I go to enter 2011 information and if I put in booth 67 it says it is not unique - but it really is unique for 2011 as it is seeing the value from the 2010 record.  Hopefully I have explained this somewhat so somebody can help me out.  Thanks,  Jim