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    Unlock Fields button



      Unlock Fields button


           I would like to have my layout fields all locked, unless the user clicks a edit fields button.  that would hopefully eliminate accidental editing of records.

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               Ok so what i did copy that layout and make one editable and one not.  I added a button in the one that is not editable and it takes you to the layout that is.  Can i have a warning dialog pop up that says warning you are about to edit record.  do you wish to proceed ? 

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                 My first suggestion would be to use Record Level Access control to lock the user out of making changes. Use a "lock expression" that references a global field or variable. Your "Edit" button then modifies this lock field to permit editing and a "save" button can reset the value of this field/variable to lock the record back up.

                 Your lock expression might be Globals::GlobalID = __pkPrimaryKeyID

                 Set Globals::GlobalID to the value of the current record's primary key and it is unlocked for editing. Clear it and the record is once again locked.

                 Another option is to use the same technique but with field option validation calculations that check the value of the "lock" field or variable to see if changes are accepted or rejected.