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Unlocking a locked runtime

Question asked by NaturSalus on Jun 27, 2012
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Unlocking a locked runtime & bypassing FM Password Recovey doings



I have a "Trial Expiry" script that I use with my demo runtime applications, so that after a 30 day period the runtime application is locked and can't be opened.

First question: Since it is plausible that I could lock (or time) myself out while playing with it. ¿What would be the right way to unlock it?

Second question:

Unfortunately current password and account setting does not protect an FM based runtime application from easily being hacked by applications like "Filemaker Password Recovery" . It seems that this software creates a new password that allows the hacker to gain access.

In order to bypass this event, I thought to carry out a "password" check right when the runtime application opens; if the password used is the one that I sent to the legal user the runtime application opens, if not it doesn't open.

Correct me if I am wrong but there is not a way to check that the user is using the password provided by the developer and associated to the user account.

So, what would be the way to foil the doings of applications like "Filemaker Password Recovery"?