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    unmovable or resizable object



      unmovable or resizable object


      I've been using a filemaker template since the early 90's but because of the high resolution on my new computer the layout is too small.  I'm trying to resize everything in the layout but there is a bar at the bottom of the layout that I can't change.  It borders the bottom and only seems to allow me to make it wider but I can't make expand the layout downward.  I'm not sure if this black rectangle is the culprit or some feature of the layout but I've searched for size limits for the layout but couldn't see anything like that.  As you can see in the screenshot, I've been able to enlarge the yellow and black rectangles horizontally, but not vertically.  I'm not sure what the grey box is in the background or what purpose that serves.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

      By the way, since I bought the new computer I've been using alt-V-I twice whenever I start up Filemaker but I'd rather permanently increase the size of the layout to avoid zooming each time I open the file.


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          What version of FileMaker are you using? Is this on a Mac or Windows OS?

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            Sorry, I should have posted that.  Filemaker Pro 8.5 Windows 7  (booted natively on a Macbook Pro)

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              While in layout mode, check and see what options are specified on the Printing tab in Layout Setup... Layouts in a version that old don't have a right hand boundary unless they were set up for two column printing.

              In fact, the way you have layout objects that extend well past the apparent boundaries of the layout objects doesn't look right. You may have a damaged layout here.

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                There are no options checked/specified in the printing tab of the layout setup menu option  under the layout menu.  Yes, I can stretch things to the right but not down.  Is there a way to specify the boundries of a layout?   or is one limited to a certain page set up?  I can't believe I wouldn't be able to make a layout any size I want. 

                If I can't resize the DB layout, will I just have to continue to zoom in twice every time I open the DB?  Seems strange to have to do that just because screen resolutions continue to grow.

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                  The problem that I see is that something appears very wrong with the layout. It looks like there's a right hand border to the layout. While this is the case in FileMaker 12 and newer, it's not the case in FileMaker 8.5 and thus I suspect that you may have a damaged layout here.

                  Hmm, but maybe not. It could be that what I am seeing is due to an option selected in the View menu. Is "Page Margins" selected in the View menu? That may be fooling me into seeing a problem that does not exist.

                  Increasing the depth or height of your layout would be accomplished by clicking on the bottom border of a layout part, such as the body or footer and dragging down.

                  I suggest the following:

                  Run a recover on your file just to be safe.

                  Try creating a brand new layout based on the same table from scratch and then try carefully copy and pasting over objects from this layout after first resizing the body layout part to be the larger size that you want.

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                    I think it has something to do with the Header/Body/Footer layout.  You can see these in the screenshot just to the left of the DB but to the right of the tools.  I can't resize below the bottom of the footer yet I can't find a way to make the footer larger (assuming that's the restriction)  I did a recovery but nothing changed and no errors were reported.

                    My instinct tells me that the file isn't corrupt but that the header/body/footer restrictions are the issue and I just need to figure out how to change those restrictions.  I've right clicked on each of those but no size options exist there.

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                      Did you check to see if "show margins" was selected?

                      My last post described how to resize a layout part. (And the rectangles shown are NOT the layout parts, they are rectangles placed on top of them.)

                      And Instincts can be mislead. There's no harm in testing that hypothesis only to find that they aren't damaged and endless frustration if they are damaged and you assume otherwise.

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                        My apologies.  I had tried clicking on the separator between those three parts and doing as you suggest but I was not able to drag them down.  There was no cursor change either that would imply that that dimension of the header/footer/body were resizable.

                        Also, under Layout, there is a "page margins" choice which may be what you're talking about but in my version.  That was checked but I unchecked it and it made no difference.

                        It may be time to just create a new database layout and learn how to import the 20+ years of data into the new layout.  Although I'm stubborn about problem solving and figuring out what the problem is in the current file.

                        I have no problem trying anything suggested.  I was just mentioning my instinct because...well, I guess there was no reason other than to say it seems I must have been right.  But who cares if I'm right or wrong, it only matters if I get this solved ;)


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                          From my on-line search for answers outside of this forum, there seems to be some verbiage that suggests what I'm using may be a template that is not changeable the way I want to change it.  That wouldn't make sense to me but I suppose it's possible.

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                            Ok, apologies on my part. blush

                            I didn't expect the "page margins" to affect the issue for you, but it explains what I saw in your screen shot that had me fooled into misunderstanding the possible issues. I wanted you to check to see if I was on the right track here.

                            Do this:

                            Enter layout mode

                            Select the "duplicate layout" option from the layout menu. (This way we don't mess up the original)

                            Click on the colored rectangles and press the delete key to remove them (see why we are using a copy?)

                            Now try to drag down the part borders.

                            I think that the rectangle objects are getting in the way of your resizing the layout parts.

                            If you are able to resize the layout parts on this copy, go back to the original layout and try the same, but instead of deleting the rectangle objects, drag them to one side and try resizing the layout parts in the area exposed by moving the rectangles. You may need to hold down the Alt (windows) or Option (Mac) key while you drag the border down. Dragging down the border between the footer and the body should increase the body and this is the most likely change you might need to make.

                            PS. it's also possible to script your file to zoom layouts to other percentages than 100 automatically when the file opens.

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                              I actually made a copy of the DB so I'm already working with one that can be changed without any risk.  I did delete those objects a few hours ago and it didn't make any difference.  I'm not even sure why they were there...maybe purely aesthetic.  You've been so kind to spend time on this but it may be time for me to accept the idea of doing alt-V-I twice whenever I open the file or of just recreating a DB file and importing all the records.  On the screen shot I posted, there is a grey box in the background which is not an editable object.  Maybe there's something in that.  But again, I don't find any editable parameters for that shape.

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                                I think I just figured it out.  There are fine lines that extend across the layout when in layout mode.  They define the limits of the three parts on the left of the shot.  I was trying to resize them on the left where they are labelled.  At first I didn't try moving the fine lines because the cursor didn't change.  When I tried clicking on the line, nothing but apparently the line is only 1 pixel high and it's very difficult to grab.  For shits and giggles, I tried it again and this time I must have clicked on that one pixel available and the cursor changed when the mouse was DOWN, not before.  Then I dragged the line down.  It only allowed me to resize to the bottom of the footer but each time I did that I got one more footer's worth of additional vertical size.  Whether or not this is the correct or best way to do it it doesn't matter, it's working.  it's awkward but it's working.  Thanks so much for all of your responses, Phil.  If this is what you had suggested earlier and I misunderstood, my apologies.  Please see new screen grab and the fine horizontal line separating the body from the footer.  That was the key.  But only giving one pixel's height to that line, IMHO, and not having the cursor change on rollover is just bad design.  Maybe that changed in newer versions.

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                                  That explains the "disconnect". I will point out that by dragging the objects to one side, this was to make the boundary lines easier to see and to make sure that you were clicking on them instead of a layout object.

                                  I never used version 8.5 (I've used 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5,5, 10, 11, 12, 13), so it may function slightly different than the ones I've used. With the ones I've used, you should see a change to the mouse cursor just by hovering over the boundary line (that fine line you discovered) and you should be able to drag down more than the width of the footer in one go.

                                  I'm not even sure why they were there...

                                  This was once a very common way to produce a colored background. By modern standards, they seem rather "bright" but are typical of the time frame in which they were created.


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                                    Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate the time you took.  It's all working well now.  It was a tedious process in the end but it's behind me.


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