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    unreadable layouts on Mac when created on PC



      unreadable layouts on Mac when created on PC


      I have created a file on a PC and am testing it on my Mac and ARGH  the layouts are unreadable.  I used Arial font thruout.  WHY is this  happening, but even more importantly how do I correct it?  I've tried  searching the forum, but am not using the best search terms evidently.  Thanks for any help.

      This is a repeat post - somehow I managed to mistakenly post in the FM GO Forum. Not using FM GO Yet.

      The tabbed sections are dysfunctional - sigh.  PC Vers at top, Mac below.


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          Are you hosting the file on the PC and accessing it on the MAC or did you save and copy the file to the MAC. If its the latter perhaps the file was corrupted somehow. Also what version of Filemaker are you using? Have you created other DB before and if so have you successfully shared it between the 2 computers?

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            Hosting on PC and accessing on the Mac - I have created many other databases in FMPro - dozens in a former career and they were hosted on a FMPro Server and accessed thruout a citywide network.  But you made me think - so I just created a new db from a starter solution - no problems at all - it is in my layout design I guess. Sigh

            Where can I look to find good guidelines?  I thought by using a font common to both platforms there would be no issue.

            Also, I was given another database to support that was created by someone else on a Mac, and it, too, has viewing issues, but not on every layout just some.  So then I checked the file in question and it appears that most layouts are fine, it's just the ones with the tabbed layouts.

            The file was created in vers 11, and the Mac has vers 7 - I'll upgrade and see what happens...

            Thanks for helping me think thru different issues regarding this gnatty problem.

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              Seems like arial should work just fine, but if you have another Mac, try using it and see if you get the same results.

              Also, open the file on the mac and enter layout mode. What do you see?

              If you change the font on the mac while you have it in layout mode, does that fix the problem?

              Is Arial a font that's installed on this Mac?

              If your mac is using Snow Leopard, there have been many reports of font issues between it and FileMaker it may be that you can resolve the issue by finding the offending font or font suit case and removing/replacing it. (Search snow leopard and font here in the forum for more on this subject.)

              Also, the layout itself me have some corruption. I've seen cases where a corrupted layout object caused problems on one platform and not on the other so you may be able to resolve this by rebuilding your layout from scratch. (Don't copy and paste from your current layout.)

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                I am embararrased to say that the issue is probably the older version of FMPro.  I have not updated FMP on my Mac and the layouts that are awful contain features not supported by my vers 7. I created the file in Vers 11 using tab control features that are newere than vers 7.  I am sorry that I trouble you, but am also thankful that you point me in the right direction.  I won't be able to upgrade until next week but am sure that will fix the issues.  As always, I so appreciate this forum and your helpfulness.

                I upgraded and the layout is exactly as desired.  Whew - silly me, but very thankful.