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    Unrelated table



      Unrelated table


           FM 11 Adv. When I run the script debugger and data viewer 3 fields are listed with a value "unrelated table". Iv'e searched all the layouts and all the script steps but can't find the culprits. Is there some way to find them?


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               The reason you can see these as "unrelated" is that Cases and Cases 2 refer to table occurrences--the "boxes" found in Manage | Database | Relationships. At the instant you are seeing this in the data viewer your layout context--which also refers to a specific table occurrence box as specified in "show records from" in Layout setup..., does not link to the Cases table occurrence but does link to these fields via Cases 2.

               This may not be a problem. You may find that as you step through your script, it changes layouts and thus your "context" before anything accesses those three fields via the Cases table occurrence. I wouldn't worry too much about them unless you observe an error code in the debugger when a script step that references one of these three fields is executed.