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    Unrelated Table



      Unrelated Table


           In the Data tab of the Inspector, how do I move an Unrelated table to the related side of the Specify Field dialog. I have the desired table linked with the one related table in the Relationships graph.

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               You can not move a table, this is done automatically in filemaker.  Apparently the table is not related in the Relationship graph.

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                 I understand that I can't move it. What I'm asking is how do I relate the table other than the link (one to many) in the relationship graph? What I have done with this table relationship looks the same as the one that does have related tables.

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                   The table has to be related to the table that is being used in the layout. 

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                     There's a difference between a table and a table ocurrence. A table is what you work with in Manage | Database | Tables. A Table Occurrence is represented by a "box" in Manage | Database | Relationships. Except for a few places inside Manage | Database, every place in FileMaker where you select a "table" in a dialog, you are actually selecting a table occurrence.

                     Since you can create many table occurrences that all refer to the same table (called a data source table in some parts of FileMaker), it's possible to have a table occurrence name show up in the unrelated group because it is not related to whatever table occurrence is providing the current point of reference (context) for that dialog/drop down list.

                     If you are selecting for a script step, often the "context" that the dialog is using is incorrect. So long as you are sure that the script will have the correct context (determined by the current layout at the time the script step is executed), you can go ahead and select that table occurrence even though it is in the unrelated group. If, on the other hand, you are selecting a table occurrence while working with a specific layout or field based conditional value list, the fact that a table occurrence shows in the unrelated group tells you that either you are attempting to select the incorrect table occurrence or you need to make a change in your relationships.

                     For more on Table Occurrences: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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                       This is along the lines of what I'm looking for, but it still does not resolve how I get the linking of the desired fields set to the desired field on the layout. I read your link and I've read the FileMaker Solution Architectures paper. It all makes sense TO's are just an instance of a table that I learned in Borlands Delphi in the 1980's.

                       I see this as a gotcha that needs to be fixed to make FileMaker intuitive. It's a very good application but it's like all software products that need refinement from time to time. I can fly complex airplanes but your papers and comments get me no closer to resolving this problem. I'll work with my third party service provider on Monday.

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                              ...does not resolve how I get the linking of the desired fields set to the desired field on the layout.

                         Not something that you indicated until your last post. Each layout is linked to a specific table occurrence--something covered in the link that I posted earlier. If you try to place a field on a layout and the list of table occurrences shows that the one you are trying to select is an unrelated table, then that's exactly the problem. It's the name of a table occurrence that is not linked in a relationship to the layout's table occurrence. . Every layout is linked to one specific table occurrence. It's specified in the "show Records from" drop down in Layout Setup...

                         To resolve that issue, you have several options: 1) select a different occurrence of the table that IS related to the layout's table occurrence. 2) Add a relationship line linking the layout's table occurrence to the occurrence from which you want to select fields for your layout. 3) change the table occurrence specified for the layout by selecting a different one in that "Show Records From" drop down. Select this last option with care as it will change the function of all other field objects and portals on your layout. Field objects that referred to the original table occurrence, for example now become fields from a related (or even an unrelated) table occurrence.

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                           Now this is making more sense. I will digest this and work on it over the weekend. Thanks for your persistence and working late on a Friday night.

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                             Ok, my application has the same buttons on all layouts. When a button is selected the associated layout is displayed in the dark grey Layout selection dropdown field in FileMaker. Going on the information in the previous message states that "Each layout is linked to a specific table occurrance", how do I get this association on the Relationships graph? or where do I go to setup the linked relationship, I am totally lost. I find no place to link the layout to a table other than placing fields on the layout which has been accomplished.

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                               All such links are defined in Manage | Database | Relationships.

                               To repeat:


                                    Each layout is linked to a specific table occurrence--something covered in the link that I posted earlier. ...Every layout is linked to one specific table occurrence. It's specified in the "show Records from" drop down in Layout Setup...

                               When you select a "table" from the Show Records From drop down (this drop down also appears in the new layout wizard when you select New Layout from the Layouts menu), you are actually selecting a table occurrence from your relationships graph. The relationships defined in Manage | Database | Relationships that link other tables to the table occurrence you have selected control what data from other tables is accessible on that layout.


                               Let's say you have two occurrences of TableA in two different relationships linking it to two different table occurrences:



                               When you select TableA1 in "Show Records From" you "base" your layout on the TableA1 table occurrence. If you place a field from the TableX table occurrence directly on your layout, it will display data from the "first related record" in tableX for whatever record in TableA is the current record. You can also place a portal to TableX on your layout to list all related records from TableX. If you change records on your layout while in Browse mode, you have a new current record and the relationship selects data from TableX based on the values in the match fields of this different record from  TableA.

                               If, however, you select "TableA2" instead of "TableA1", then TableX is unrelated, but TableY becomes accessible to your layout.

                               And TableX and TableY might also be two occurrences of the same table--they can even be  additional occurrences of TableA.

                               You may want to re-read the link on table occurrences: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? in the light of this additional explanation. In fact, I recommend that you follow the steps in the tutorial and actually create the example database described in the tutorial. Actually doing the steps and watching what happens when you follow the instructions for the different parts of the tutorial can really help comprehension.

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                            5 years later, I just wanted to say I've read a number of your explanations on different subjects and have often found them very well thought out and organized, and thus very useful.


                            Thank you for taking the time and effort to write well.