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Unrelated Table in Portal

Question asked by pdegior on Oct 30, 2012
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Unrelated Table in Portal


     I have a project quoting file where we prepare bids for customers.  I have a layout that links to my Projects table.  I have a portal on the layout that is linked to the ProjBOM table.  Products in our Parts table are added to the ProjBOM table.  All of this works well. 

     I am trying to add a "Favorites" portal or list where the user can mark products they use often and can select from.  I created a "Favorites" table with "ID" (auto-enter serial), "PartNum", and "User".  The "User" filed is calculated by Get ( AccountName ).

     So I simply want to display a list of favorite products for that specific user.  I know I need to somehow add a relationship here, but am confused as to where to start.

     Right now this is what my relationships look like

     Customers = Projects = BOM = Products

     I'm not sure where to put the Favorites.  I obviously need the relationship between Products and Favorites. Any help would be greatly appreciated.