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UnRelated Table Issues - Problems adding Fields to Report

Question asked by photowyzard on Aug 26, 2013
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UnRelated Table Issues - Problems adding Fields to Report


     Trying to do some user enhancements and running up against a brick wall with Unrelated Table message. This is a substantial database.  What you see below is a very, very small sample of the entire db.

     The reports are linked to the RMA number as well as a Serial Number to track the parts.  They use primarily global values to build the reports.  In the Report Field, I need to add:


     DATE SENT (Calendar Popup)

     SENT BY (Manual Entry Field)


     Attached, a schematic of this Particular module of the db.



     "RMANumber" is in "Company_RMA_fk"


     "SerialNumber" is in "Company_RMA_fk" as well.


     Company_RMA_fk is the 6th file, counting from LEFT to RIGHT across the top, go down one when you get to 5 (small box).


      I am sure it is right under my nose, I have tried various attempts at linking, but I am not seeing where I am making my error. 

     Any help or guidance, greatly appreicated.