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Unstored calculation field does not update after importing data

Question asked by Wicktor on Jul 6, 2014
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Unstored calculation field does not update after importing data


     HI all,

     First time I need to post for help... the forum is very helpful and until now I was able to find an answer to all my questions just browsing the various posts.

     Over time I developed a complex solution (34 tables, some  230 layouts, with some 500.000 records) running FMPro 12 Server with 7 Macs using FMPro 12 Advanced.

     Two months ago I made a clone of the solution, I changed layouts, and I added some fields (but did not change the original fields and did not change the relations).

     Now I am trying to import data from the working solution into the clone with updated layouts.

     Everything works fine except a significant detail:

     Importing data into one specific table (File->Import Records->File...) and using Matching fields I get a correct import of all data BUT a specific calculated field unstored (since it retrieve data from a related table) does not show any information. Interestingly if at the end of import I run a single line script "Refresh Window" (with "Flush cached join results" checked) the unsorted calculated field show correctly the information.

     Ok... I could just use that simple script after importing and all done....but the fact that the unstored calculation does not update makes me very worried that something else would cause the issue. Could it be corrupted even if consistency check is fine ? Or anything else ?

     Thank you for your kind help,