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Unstored Calculation Search Issue

Question asked by hncwilson on Sep 10, 2014
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Unstored Calculation Search Issue


I have two unstored calculation fields I'm having trouble searching on (same table, both use part of the same calculation).  FMP12 file format.  I'm using FM13, client is using 12.  Neither of us can search in these fields.


Table LineItems has field Retail

Table Order has field Subtotal ( Sum ( LineItems::Retail ) ) and field Total ( ( Sum ( LineItems::Retail ) + Tax )


I can get Order::Total to perform a find for * and !, but no specific values (16,100, >20,000, etc), BUT its results aren't completely accurate--when searching for * it omits some records that do have values.  I can't get field Subtotal to perform a find for anything.  I get "No Records Match" in both fields almost immediately, which is making me think it's somehow not searching at all since these are unstored calculations.

I've played around with field type, checked the relationship, etc., and I can't figure out why it's not working.  Any help would be much appreciated.