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Unsupported Printers

Question asked by parlberg on Sep 14, 2009
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Unsupported Printers


We just replaced an HP Deskjet printer with a Kodak All-in-one printer.  Now, I can't print any forms out of my FM Pro app.  Has anyone heard of this?


Background and other details:


Still running FM Pro v5.  Kodak Printer is an EPS 9.  We've never had problems or issue with HP Products.  (Procurement wants to save a few $ with the Kodak line)  Running Windows XP Pro SP3.  Kodak support says they support printing from Windows & Office, but we should be looking to FileMaker to support printing on their printer.


My guess is that we should be upgrading to FM Pro 10, and that will solve our problem.  I'm thinking we'll bite the bullet and replace the Kodak with an HP.