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    Unsure which Layout Part to use



      Unsure which Layout Part to use


           I am creating a printout for a purchase order and I have most of it working well. I need some help figuring out which layout part to use at the end of the report/printout.

           I have one section that contains the document name and page X of Y etc. I would like this information to print on the bottom of each page.

           The second item is a revision table and that I want to print only once on the last page. I am not sure which layout parts to use to accomplish this.

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               Items for the bottom of every page are usually located in the footer. Items that need to appear only once at end of the last page are usually placed in a Trailing Grand Summary layout part.

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                 That seems to work well, thanks!!

                 After setting it up that way I am wondering if there is a way to push that Revision information (in the Trailing Grand Summary layout part) to the bottom of the last page just above the information in the footer? The way I have it set up now, the revision information will print in the middle of the page if the last page is only half used.

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                   Not if you are going to use a trailing grand summary part. It is designed to appear immediately after the last record.

                   I don't know that there is a practical option for what you want to do here.

                   You can put layout objects in the footer of the layout and use either conditional formatting or FileMaker 13's "hide when" feature to make them invisible on all but the last page, but since you want to put a "revesion table" here, this will create a very large footer filled with unused space on all the preceding pages...

                   Another option might be to print the revision table as a separate, final page from a different layout altogether.