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Unused items/scripts

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Apr 25, 2009
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Unused items/scripts




I have been developing a multi-file solution for a while. Actually it's been "finished" and operating for a long time but I tinker with it often. 

Of course I've learned a lot of new techniques during this process. For example I don't currently use the OS "copy/paste" and use script parameters or variables instead. When I started writing this kind of code I had many scripts that were basically "copy this/paste that" routines and I've been eliminating these as I revise my methods. In a solution that involves six files however, it's an arduous task to discover which scripts (or fields for that matter) are actually "unused". I'm trying to "trim down" my solution and remove any unnecessary material.  The Database Design Report will produce this information, but will not reference, for example, a script in one file that is called  by a script in another file. I'm using FMP 10 Advanced. If anyone has a suggestion I'd be glad to hear it. I'm likely missing something obvious.