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Unusual Question: making a checkbox or radio button as a non-field entity?

Question asked by SteveMND on Jul 15, 2009
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Unusual Question: making a checkbox or radio button as a non-field entity?


I use Filemaker for personal projects and such, and not any sort of business application, so my question may be a little odd.  Is there a way to create a radio button or a check box that ISN'T attached to a particular field?  i.e., just create one of the two that sits on the screen somewhere, and is purely for visual reference, and not for any calculation or data-related function?


The reason I ask is that I am creating a personal record of sorts, with each entry having an unknown number of items and a ranking of sorts.  Basically, I was hoping to just have a plain-text list of the items, one on each line, and then a series of radio buttons/checkboxes next to each line, and I could select none, 1, 2 or 3 of them for each line to provide a visual reference to me for each.  They wouln't be for any reason other than a visual record, and wouldn't be used to calculate anything, etc.


I could create a separate field for each item, and then a separate set of radio buttons/checkboxes/dropdown menu for each item in the list, but that'd be four or five unique fields for each line, and I could have dozens of lines, so that seems like far, far more work than I want to put into this project for what is essentially just a personal reference.


Having each line be it's own seperate entry in a larger database wouldn't really work either, because on each entry page I had other fields that would change from entry to entry as well.


Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.


Steve M